A Love of Flying

Capturing the World Through a Lens

We’re a Raleigh, North Carolina company and we provide services throughout the Triangle-area. We have a passion for flight and we’re excited to share the “buzz” about drones with you! Whether you’re looking for the most outstanding video footage you can get or you just want to have some fun, we can provide you with the right tools to achieve your goals!

Are you interested in getting some experience and knowledge to put towards a part 107 license to fly professionally? We offer training by a Part 107 licensed pilot to help familiarize you with the basics!

Are you interested in a team-building workshop for your company? We offer events designed specifically with companies in mind. 

If your child’s birthday is coming up, we also offer games for birthday parties involving drones and Nerf guns!

We also rent a variety of UAVs to suit all of your flying needs!

Come fly with us!


Quality Digital Images

What We Offer Our Customers

Over the years, we’ve learned how to provide the best quality product for our customers. Our skilled pilot is experienced in recording and refining photography and will ensure you receive the video footage you demand. 


I’ve developed a good feel for creating exceptional images of your fine art projects. Whether you need new slides for an art show application, shots of you in action for your studio’s website or just want to capture your beautiful art collection, I can get the photos you need with the spirit you’re looking for without compromising your artistic vision.

We’ve worked with dozens of artists and fine art collectors over the years to document their artwork. No matter the reason why, I can provide you with documentation that not only documents your artwork, but captures its inner soul.

Meet the Owner

Where It All Began

You can call me a drone nerd, I don’t mind! I have a passion for teaching people about drone photography, hardware/software, and RACING! I would love to get you involved in the exciting and seriously thrilling world of drones. 

As a kid, I enjoyed aviation and flight in general, including kites and whatever I could get to get in the air! I always wanted a gas-powered helicopter, but it cost too much for a thirteen-year-old. Back then, it seemed like I never got to fly anything cool! During those years, I also loved tinkering and taking apart other electronics in an attempt to create homemade “robots” out of the parts. Some endeavors were more successful than others! I can assure you that my mom was not happy when I broke the toaster or a variety of other things with a power cord. My interest in robots led me to engineering, which prompted me to get dual degrees in computer and electronics engineering. 

Fast forward to 2016 and these flying robots came into reality (for me, that is) and finally, I could afford one. Of course, drone technology has gotten more sophisticated and more complex over the years, which is exciting. I like to stay updated on the latest industry features available for our customers so we can provide you with the best solutions for your individual needs.

So here I am living the dream, flying “robots” for aerial photography. We provide videos for customers in both commercial and personal fields, teach people how to fly all types of drones from DJI to FPV racing drones, and help them repair their damaged drones (esp. in FPV racing!) 

I would love to bring you into the exhilarating world of drones too! No matter the application, we can and will provide the highest level of professionalism and care to our clients. Call or email anytime. We would love to hear from you.

Adam Chadwick

President, Aerial Adrenaline