Our Story

Are you interested in all the “buzz” about drones? So are we! We are excited to begin offering pilot training for all pilot types from beginner to advanced. We have been flying and building drones for over 5 years and would love to help you get flying to!

We teach all types of flying for various activities, as well as team events! If your company would like to have us and a few of our racing drones on site for an amazing team building event steeped in adrenaline and fun which includes completing a challenging FPV racing course! If your team ready for this?!

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Pilot Training

Looking to become a drone pilot? we support commercial and recreational flyers.

Team Events

Want to enjoy the thrill of First Person Flying with your team? We have challenging courses to choose from! Teamwork is required to complete the course…can your team get it done FAST? 

Drone Rentals

Have a job that requires more equipment than you have? Why not rent from us instead of buying! Want to keep it anyway? We will sell to you at a discounted price!  More info here.




Who We Are

Our mission is to help people learn and be come proficient with flying drones safely and effectively for their required needs while providing top notch drone rentals and support to the community. We love to bring the fun of drones to everyone and we are specialized in all drone technologies from Commercial 3d mapping, team events, or FPV racing.

We are committed to providing the absolute best quality to each and every one of our customers.